The organizer of the Annual Yearling Auction is the firm Starinita Oy owned by Finnish Horse Owners Association (SHKL) and Association of Finnish Trotting Horse Breeders (SRHK).

The auction day of Starinita Oy is a traditional sales event for Finnish yearlings (warmblood and Finnhorses) in September. It is a day full of big hopes, excitement and meeting friends. Many things can happen before entering the sales ring and the knock of the hammer. Actually, when the breeder sells a yearling to a new owner, it’s only the beginning.

Application time for the auction ends at the end of May. Members of SHKL and SRHK get a discount from registration fee. Then names of the yearlings at the auction are published on the auction’s homepage. Yearlings will be taken in to the auction in registration order. The sales order will be published later on.

Information about the horses, photos and videos are on display at the auction’s homepage

Information on participating yearlings and their owners can be found at the auction’s homepage starting from June. So potential buyers have plenty of time to inspect the pedigrees and look photos and videos the yearling owners have delivered before the auction.

Print version of the auction catalogue is published about a month before the auction day. Every yearling is presented on its own page with the pedigree and demonstration of the production of the maternal line. Also, breeders’ comments and contact information are found on the page.

A video tells far more about a yearling than photos. We recommend to plan and make the videos well in advance. Well-made video gives a realistic view of yearling’s gait and appearance. We encourage to send photos and videos early in the summer, well in advance of the auction. Newer photo and video material can be updated later if necessary. The videos are published at the auction’s homepage and additionally also in the YouTube channel of SHKL & Hevoshuutokaupat.