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The course of the auction day

The auction day offers the buyer great opportunity to inspect many yearlings simultaneously at the auction premises. Commotion at the stable area begin already at noon. Breeders or their staff demonstrate their yearlings at the yard or at the lounging lane. The veterinary certificates can be found on the box-walls. At the auction premises the buyer has good chance to get to know the sales items and the information about them before the sale. Actual selling begins in the evening, when every yearling enters in turn to the sales ring in the auction hall.

The buyer who is intending to purchase a yearling should come to the auction with a horse transport vehicle. At Ypäjä there has often been a horse-hotel service which means renting boxes for the night after the auction, but in all cases horses must be collected next morning.

Arrival to Ypäjä

The auction is arranged at the Ypäjä Equine College, Ypäjän Hevosopisto. Transportation to and from the auction premises by own vehicles and expenses.

Varsanojantie 63
32100 YPÄJÄ
Tel. +358 2 760 21

Ypäjän Hevosopisto is located by highway 10, about 20 kilometers from Forssa to the direction of Turku. The distance from Turku is 75 km, from Tampere 100 km and Helsinki 130 km. Plenty of parking-area is available near the auction hall.